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Terms of Coexistence


| Friendly Coexistence |

Residents are committed to the principle of Friendly Coexistence whose spirit extends, but is not limited to, absolute respect for study, rest, freedom of movement and expression, and any other constitutional rights of other Residents, STUDIO Palomar employees and companies. collaborators including the different services.
The residents are committed to taking care of our most precious asset, our planet, using the necessary water and electricity within a responsible consumption and recycling, using the bins that the center makes available.

Friendly Coexistence is based on the principle of harm by the English philosopher J. S. Mill. She maintains that “each individual has the right to act according to her own will as long as such actions do not harm or harm others.”

Acceptance of these Internal Coexistence Regulations is an indispensable condition for the confirmation of the Plaza.


  1. Between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m., silence will be respected, keeping any type of noise, music or television to a minimum, to avoid disturbing rest, both within STUDIO Palomar and in its surroundings.
  2. Parties cannot be held inside the rooms. Prior authorization must be requested from the STUDIO Palomar Management for the celebration of this type of activities in common areas.
  3. The hours of the visits will be between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm (except with prior authorization from the Management). The Resident is responsible for the Visitor. Minor visitors must be accompanied at all times by an adult.


  1. The Common Areas are: patio and terraces, entrance hall, ground floor common room, laundry, stairs, corridors and elevator. The Studios are not common areas.
  2. The common spaces, as well as their furnishings and furniture, will be respected, using them appropriately and in accordance with their destination. The deliberate deterioration of goods and facilities will be considered a serious fault, which will also imply reimbursing the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged material.
  3. Residents must be properly dressed in the common areas of STUDIO Palomar
  4. Residents must be responsible for the order of the collective spaces.
  5. Residents must abide by the instructions provided by STUDIO Palomar regarding public health measures.
  6. The access of bicycles, skates or similar to the entire enclosure is restricted.



  1. The Studios will be kept in order. The Resident is, in all cases, responsible for the cleanliness, order and hygiene of her Studio. The cleaning service is conceived as a support to the Resident and in no case will it make up for the deficiencies in terms of cleaning and hygiene. Otherwise, cleaning will not be carried out and only the change of bed linen and towels will be made.
  2. Residents undertake to use natural resources (water) and supplies (electricity) under their responsibility, bearing in mind in any case that these resources are not unlimited.
  3. Residents are responsible for the material they have at their disposal, and must leave their Studio in the same condition in which they received it: completely empty and clean.
  4. No Resident may enter the Studio of another colleague without their authorization.
  5. The mere possession of devices or objects that cause or may cause inconvenience to neighboring residents is prohibited. In the same way, the entry of any animal in the enclosure is prohibited.
  6. Modification of the furniture in the Studios is prohibited without the prior written authorization of the STUDIO Palomar Management. Otherwise, the prohibited elements will be removed from the Studios. The placement of posters, propaganda, personal notes or various information is limited to the cork panels placed both in the Studios and in common areas.
  7. The lighting of radiators, candles or similar that produce flame or smoke is prohibited. Items that may damage any property of the building will also be prohibited.
  8. STUDIO Palomar reserves the right to temporarily change a Studio resident for improvement works or any other necessary intervention, the Resident not having the right to compensation for said change.
  9. Any change in the Studio assigned to the Resident must be with the approval of the STUDIO Palomar Management.
    It is prohibited to put, display or throw any object through the windows of the Residence (including clothes or towels), as well as flags or posters with political, religious and / or ideological content.



  1. Smoking is not allowed in the entire building.
  2. Possession, possession, consumption or trafficking of any kind of drugs, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, or the incitement of other people to consume will not be allowed.
  3. Possession, possession or consumption of alcohol will not be allowed in the building, except in events authorized by the STUDIO Palomar management.
  4. Firearms or weapons in general, explosive or flammable substances, or any type of object that may pose a risk of physical or mental harm to anyone will not be allowed.



  1. Hazing, or any individual or collective act that violates the dignity and fundamental rights of STUDIO Palomar Residents and staff, is strictly prohibited, without prejudice to criminal responsibilities and legal actions that may arise.
  2. The violation of this prohibition will be considered a very serious offense and will be sanctioned with the immediate expulsion of STUDIO Palomar, without the right to the return of the Bond or the Guarantee Deposit. Likewise, and, in this case, the corresponding authorities and University will be informed.
  3. Offenses and non-civic behaviors of any kind, against another colleague, administrative staff, services or the STUDIO Palomar institution itself are also prohibited, whether in writing or not and with or without advertising.



  1. Studios cleaning is done once a week. Studios must be neat enough to clean. If not, they will not be cleaned.
  2. The STUDIO Palomar Management reserves the right to check the status of the Studios when there are doubts about their status.
  3. Residents will not leave any type of garbage in the hallways or common areas.
  4. Residents undertake to respect the environment and, therefore, they will do everything possible to separate waste and garbage in the Studios and common areas.


  1. For security reasons, the absence of a Resident that implies spending several nights outside the building must be notified to the STUDIO Palomar management.
  2. STUDIO Palomar will not be liable in any case for the activities that the Resident performs during these absences, without prejudice to the civil or criminal liability incurred, in which case it will be effective in the manner determined by law.



  1. The Resident has the right to an access card that is exclusively for personal and non-transferable use, and is his sole responsibility.
  2. In the event of loss of the access card, the Resident may obtain another from the Management after paying a penalty of 20 euros.


| Disciplinary regulation |


The Resident of a Studio is personally responsible for any action that is carried out in her Studio against these Regulations. If you cover up or do not report it, you will not be able to claim ignorance of it.
Any complaint or observation about the staff, facilities and services of STUDIO Palomar, as well as about any resident, should be sent to the management, either personally or in writing. Management will not credit anonymous calls or writings.
Failure to comply with the Internal Coexistence Regulations, as well as any behavior that alters the friendly coexistence and the normal functioning of STUDIO Palomar will be considered faults, these being classified as:

A) Mild

Minor fouls will be considered:

• Keep utensils belonging to common areas and services in the Studio.
• Three consecutive days of room in an inadequate state of cleanliness.
• Use of foul language and behavior.
• Gambling games.
• Arriving at the Residence in a state of intoxication repeatedly.
• Use common services improperly or outside of established hours.
• Violating the rules on use, cleaning and hygiene of common areas and Studios.
• The Resident must leave their room collected and available when it is their turn for cleaning service. The cleaning service will notify the management of cases in which it is prevented and does not collaborate with this service.
• Have animals in the enclosure.
• Change or improper use of furniture between rooms.

Minor absences prescribe at the end of the academic year.


B) Serious

Serious fouls will be considered:

• Organize or participate in any activity that disrupts coexistence within the building.
• Jokes in bad taste that denigrate or annoy residents, employees, other guests or visitors that go against order and peace necessary for rest, study and coexistence.
• Repeated states of intoxication.
• Holding meetings in the Studios of more than two people that produce noise or disturb the neighborhood.
• Repeated use of radios, sound equipment, etc. whose volume causes inconvenience to the neighbors.
• The introduction or possession in the building of alcoholic beverages or their consumption without permission from the Directorate.
• Disturbing the nighttime silence inside or outside STUDIO Palomar, between members of it or with those of other Residences.
• Failure to comply with the instructions and orders of the STUDIO Palomar Management.
• The entry of residents into duly signposted machinery areas.
• The use or publication in any medium of material that is offensive to public morals or that may cause a loss of prestige to STUDIO Palomar.
• Staying in common areas with people outside STUDIO Palomar outside the established hours.
• Intentionally destroying or damaging the building’s property, facilities, furniture or fixtures.
• Seriously disturbing the study or rest of the Residents.
• Accumulate three minor fouls.

Serious offenses prescribe at the end of the academic year.


C) Very serious

Very Serious offenses will be considered:

• Assign total or partial use of the room to people outside STUDIO Palomar, not contemplated in the Resident’s contract.
• Allow the accommodation of third parties, as well as their entry outside the established hours.
• Entering another Resident’s room without their permission.
• Disrespect or commit a physical or verbal aggression against the Residents or against the personnel of the center, as well as against any person who is in the residential area. Likewise, disobedience to any STUDIO Palomar worker in reference to any of the rules established in these regulations.
• The possession and lighting of pyrotechnic material inside the building.
• Possession or introduction of pets or any other animal.
• The possession or consumption of alcohol or any type of drugs, narcotic substances or weapons in the entire STUDIO Palomar area.
• Carrying out any type of hazing or individual or collective act that violates the dignity of the Residents, service personnel, or external person of STUDIO Palomar.
• Smoking or vaping.
• Tampering with any of STUDIO Palomar’s security systems (including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.) without justified emergency cause.
• Make copies of keys or any other material owned by STUDIO Palomar.
• The use of the image, logo or the name of STUDIO Palomar without permission of the management.
• Non-payment of fees, return of receipts or repeated delay in paying fees.
• The commission of acts constituting a crime according to current legislation.

The commission of two serious offenses will be considered a very serious offense and will not prescribe at the end of the academic year.


| Sanctions |


The sanctions that may be imposed for the commission of any of the established offenses will be the following:

  1. Minor offenses will be penalized with a warning and repair of the damage caused.
  2. Serious offenses will be sanctioned with reparation of the damage caused and with any other measure that the STUDIO Palomar Management deems appropriate, including the forced change of the assigned room, failure to grant a place in future calls, complaint at the police station if it has been committed an alleged crime, or suspension in the exercise of rights and services as a Resident for a period of 5 to 10 days.
  3. The sanctions for very serious offenses will be decided by the STUDIO Palomar Management, respecting the principles of contradiction and audience of the interested party, including the non-granting of a place in future calls, complaint at the police station if an alleged crime has been committed , suspension in the exercise of rights and services as a Resident or expulsion for a period of 10 to 20 days; except in the case of any type of hazing, which will result in the immediate expulsion of the Resident. The breach of the sanctions imposed will be considered a serious offense in the case of sanctions imposed for minor offenses, and a very serious offense when it refers to sanctions imposed for serious or very serious offenses. The imposition of sanctions will always be proportional to the offense committed. The STUDIO Palomar Management will also assess the intentional nature of the offender, as well as her repeat offense.
  4. Serious or very serious offenses will always be reported to the parents or guardians.


Disciplinary Procedure.

The imposition of serious and very serious sanctions will be carried out, in any case, through the corresponding disciplinary procedure. In order to expedite the procedure, any procedure may be carried out orally, although all of them will be in writing in the sanctioning resolution. For its part, the sanctions corresponding to minor offenses may be imposed immediately by the Management of STUDIO Palomar.

  • The procedure will respect the principles of hearing and contradiction, as well as the right of defense of the person and secrecy during the investigation of the file.
  • The resolution issued by the STUDIO Palomar Management will always be justified.

Complementary development of the Internal Regulations.

These regulations may be subject to subsequent addition or modification, which will be duly published by the STUDIO Palomar Management and communicated to the Residents using the appropriate means.